Personal Communications Programs


ECipher  v.1.66

eCipher makes it easy to secure your business and personal communications. Strong encryption and digital signatures ensure the safe transit, integrity, and authenticity of your email. Unlike other email encryption programs, eCipher enables you to

The Wright Money Manager  v.2.0.1

The Wright Money Manager works differently from other personal finance programs. This document is intended to help you understand just what The Wright Money Manager is trying to accomplish.


DShield Universal Firewall Parser  v.1.0.30

This program is a universal firewall log parser. The software will parse firewall logs from a number of personal firewall programs. The logs can be sent to for analysis and correlation. At the Web site,

Keep Evolving  v.

Keep Evolving is a niche consultancy delivering Leadership and personal development programs in

SalesCycle CRM

This highly functional CRM system allows small companies to own a CRM system for less than the annual cost of ASP solutions. At less than $100 per user, it compares to systems costing three times as much. It can be expanded to multi user mode by the

English-Spanish Interpreter  v.4 46

English is used almost universally in all kinds of communications. On its part, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, just behind Chinese.

WX iNova Desktop Opus  v.7.0

Module for USB memory sticks and SD cards.

Quick3270 Secure  v.5.03

Quick3270 Secure is a powerful, high reliable TN3270/TN5250 terminal emulator for Windows. Quick3270 is fast, uses low memory and includes a large number of advanced features.

TZISoft Personal Budget  v.1.0

A personal finances manager. TZISoft Personal Budget is one of the easiest program programs you will ever find for managing your personal finances.

TZISoft - Personal Budget  v.1.0

Personal Budget is one of the easiest software programs you will ever find for managing your personal finances.

Folder Security Personal

Folder Security Personal allows you to hide and lock folders and files. You can choose to hide them completely or restrict access by making them read-only, preventing modification or deletion by other users or programs. It can restrict access to Floppy,

Actual Personal Budget - Lite

How to see and control where my money is going? What is the expense item that takes most money? Actual Personal Budget makes it simple to see where your money is going by automatically flowing together all your income/expense items in one convenient

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